Different Kind of Love Poem

I felt your call even before we met

I tripped on my feet, fell back on a tree and a frangipani flower fell at my feet

I looked to the sky and through teary eyes said, “ Radiantly Alive “

I didn’t know then we’d be going on quite a journey. 


When I came into your space, I couldn’t sleep for days.

Every cell in my body vibrated in a new and colorful way.

I felt shivers up my spine and saw flashes of light behind my eyes at night.

I knew you were not alone, there’s a whole community of spirits that also call you home. 

In your gifts, I grew unwell.  My vision blurred, my heart started skipping beats, my joints quivered and my belly ached for weeks.  From mouth, to sinus, to down below, it felt like everything was coming out.  I resisted, I looked for reasons, I went for tests and then I went inside your river vein and heard you whisper. 

“ Stop gripping, it’s time now, You Can Let Go and Let _ _ _” 


I was so moved by seeing YOU,  I asked permission before touching you.  With flowers and woven leaf baskets, prayers of gratitude were sent.  I felt the shovers and asked your wise watchers, spirit elders for permission to be here, with you in this dance of shadow and light. 


I felt tingling and light inside my throat and a month of spasms dissolved into nothing.  And tonight, as I ride my bike home in the rain, in the symphony of frog song, my lips cast a grin from ear to ear.  Your scent intoxicates me.  Wet, pungent, dense, rainy, moist you.  The waves of incense that lift prayers to the sky keepers.  The wafts of fermenting fruits in the high noon sun.  From chicken poo to fallen flowers, from sunrise to sundown, I love you. 


Bitch slaps and all, you are MAGNIFICENT.  A vibrant living being unto yourself and yet you host so many seekers, healers, believers, game changers, ceremonial space holders and a culture steeped in a wisdom, I can only hope to know more with invitation and the grace of time. 

Persia Juliet