I’ve never experienced a "Normal" occupation. My post-secondary education was in natural nutrition, herbalism and medicine making. When yoga found me it was met with awkward laughter followed by such elation that I was hooked by the first class. Two years later in 2005, I became a Bikram Yoga teacher and have taught full-time since graduating, for over 14 years now. My influences comes from a variety of trainings including Bikram, Baron Baptiste, BodyMindLife, Les Leventhal, Sarah Powers, Seane Corn and Ana Forrest.

When I teach it comes from my heart and classes differ according to the lunar cycle, season, group or sentiment of the day. With deep respect for safe alignment and intelligent sequencing, my passion in teaching leans more to the psychology and energetic anatomy of a practitioner. While loving a physical challenge with a splash of comedy, I hope classes always offer a balance of all the elements. 

Yoga has transformed my life in such a variety of ways. The beginning was a loss of seven dress sizes. To the internal of developing self-esteem, a trust in my intuition, understanding my energetic needs and emotional habits. It's a poetic and potent practice I intend to experience for life and love that it continues to evolve. 

"I am a seed sown from the past and I will never be lost!"

Persia is currently living in Ubud, Bali. She plays a key role in 5 teacher trainings per year.  She also runs monthly Yin and Lunar Flow workshops at Radiantly Alive. Stay tuned for the next international yoga retreat in Goa, India 2020.