A New Way to Love


I walked down that same street.  The one we walked together, paused and bathed in the full moon light.  

I looked at you and thought, this is it, this is the one
And just like that, our dance was gone.
Nothing lost though and so many gems gained.
So sweetheart, you keep on..... keep on and dream big again and again

For I said Yes then and I meant it.
Overs the years and loves there's been a breaking of bonds and a shattering of illusions.  Here I sigh, because it was all meant to be this way.
Each dance and every delight, each hurt and every deceit has lead to a liberation

For now.........., now love is tasted every day.
It's here in the silence, the music, with nature, with friends, within the very pulse of this wild life

Because I'm enough
and you, you beautiful being..., You're enough too

And so we Unite
and the concept "Heart Break" for now, it no longer exists.
Love, it's Everywhere

Persia Juliet