Birthed from her house on a passage of water.  Brought forth from a wild ocean of joy and pain.

From her I came and to her I will forever return.  I know she's with me always and I am with her.   

In dreamtime, she appears in abstract forms like faceless friends.  In daylight I hear her singing a thousand songs while she blossoms in colors of setting suns.  

When night comes and all is dark, my eyes see less and I feel her deeper still.  She’s a soft breeze that softens my need to hold on.  She's the starry light, illuminating the path so I can find my way home.

Moments come now and then where the bleakness of city life creeps in.

It's these times when my eyes cannot see the limitless beauty of this world, that I retreat deep into heart and there, a vision shines, a recognition of mother.  

Rebirthed every time I hear the words I LOVE YOU flow truthfully from her lips.

 My bliss, My life, My heart, My creations, My adventures are Ours.  

Sharing them like gifts with one another.  Separate and yet forever intertwined.

I thank-you for this life Mumma, I thank-you for all life Gaia!

To life, it’s form and formlessness, To our faith in its eternity!

Persia Juliet