Why the Changes?

I'd received so many questions......, that I'm choosing to share.

Why all the Change? 
Why did you move studio's? 
Well... I was seeking! Seeking a teacher, a place I could grow. With the evolution of yoga & expansion of studio's. I begun to question myself, my beliefs, my style, I felt I no longer fit in! I made change in hopes of finding a mentor. I tried on different outfits and found that the only good fit... Was my own skin. 

The teacher I was seeking never came but a dedication to daily meditation did. 

I found my voice, my passion and in recognition of the journey - launched a Teachers Workshop Series. So personally there's no regret with all the studio movement and there's nothing "wrong!"

What's here is a deep gratitude to both be welcomed back and to have maintained a studio anchor all along. Everything feels like it's in its right place now but the truth is I'm in a better place. I had to shift my external to wake up and see what matters most....The internal relationship you have with yourself.

Persia Juliet